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Support for California's Safety-Net
Key to Achieving Health Equity

For Our State's Most Vulnerable

Private Essential Access Community Hospitals (PEACH) serve California's most vulnerable populations, providing essential care to Californians who need it.

Every Californian deserves access to equitable health care. The communities that suffer from unequal access to health care and health status share a common obstacle toward achieving an equal chance at a health life: a lack of resources caused by underinvestment and systematic underfunding of health care, driven in large part by government policy. 

Community safety-net hospitals leave no Californian behind, create innovative solutions to equitably serve their communities and adapt to the needs of their communities to address challenges unique to California's safety- net. But, to truly achieve health equity, more resources must be delivered to the communities that need it, so that California's safety-net providers can serve them as those in more affluent communities. 














Click here to read the full whitepaper by California's Essential Access Community Hospitals. 

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