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PEACH Statement on Governor Newsom's January Budget

Anne McLeod, President and CEO of Private Essential Access Community Hospitals (PEACH), today issued the following statement following Governor Gavin Newsom’s presentation of his January Budget:

“The budget is the clearest articulation of an Administration’s priorities. California’s community-safety net hospitals are urging the Governor to prioritize the care they provide to California’s most vulnerable Medi-Cal beneficiaries.

California’s community safety-net hospitals met the moment – again and again – and are now on the brink, facing looming bankruptcies, closures and loss of services in communities that are already under-resourced.

It’s essential that the Governor and our state’s leaders respond to the call for relief from our community safety-net hospitals. We are pleased to see funding for the Medi-Cal program. It’s imperative that as budget discussions continue, Medi-Cal funding is prioritized to support California’s most vulnerable patients served by our community safety-net hospitals.

After nearly three years of COVID-19 response, immediate and meaningful relief is essential to ensure continued access to healthcare for the state’s most vulnerable patients that cannot always get the same support that other Californians receive.”

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